De Rijke has opened a new high-bay warehouse and office in Antwerp!

De Rijke has opened a new high-bay warehouse and office in Antwerp!

De Rijke opened a new, high-bay warehouse at its location at the Kruisweg in Antwerp in June this year. The physical construction of the new complex took – helped by the favorable weather conditions during last winter – about six months. Through this increase of 10,000 m2 of warehouse space, the total covered storage capacity amount is now 30,000 square meters, spread over three warehouses.

In addition, De Rijke has got a significant silo park on site with 75 silos of different sizes available. The warehouses at the Kruisweg are equipped with pallet racks and an automatic fire detection / suppression system. The racks are also equipped with a so-called in rack-extinguishing system. Using WiFi connections (and barcode scanners) an interaction between the warehouse planning and – operations is in place as an integral part of the Warehouse Management System.

It goes without saying that during the design and construction phase of the new building project a lot of attention has been paid to environmental aspects. This includes, among other things, the special insulation of walls and roofs, (LED) lighting – combined with motion sensors – as well as a system to infiltrate heaven wastewater back into the environment as much as possible. The Antwerp site is also the home base of the Belgian-registered De Rijke truck fleet. Normally containers, general cargo and bulk trailers can be found behind those trucks.

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Next to the construction of the new warehouse also a new office has been build. The modern office is more spacious and can accommodate the warehouse & transportation planning, the customer services department, as well as the centralized support services regarding the activities of De Rijke Group in Belgium.

De Rijke focuses on providing logistics services, preferably combined into a tailor-made solution: by its own fleet products can be picked up at the customer or at the port, to be stored or handled on our own location. This could be both packaged als bulk products (eg powders and granules). The packaging of products in 25 kg bags, big bags or octabins is, due to our packaging lines, a standard option. In addition, facilities are in place to rebulk packaged products in a good manner.

Several possibilities to facilitate bulk handling can be absorbed by the location. Think for example of a container tilting station for 20, 30 or 40 ft containers. A container yard is on site with a container reach stacker. The existing weighbridge on site makes among other SOLAS / VGM weighing requirements possible.  It goes without saying that the transport to your customers can also be organized by De Rijke, even if it is related to destinations overseas or elsewhere in Europe. The in-house customs department plays an important facilitating role.

Due to the recent expansion of our capacity we are able to respond even better to the (increased) demand of various clients. Next to this capacity (and diversity of possibilities), our customer focus, the delivered quality and flexibility of work, combined with our safety awareness, are our major USP’s!