Brazilian manufacturer chooses De Rijke Logistics to serve the European market

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A Brazilian manufacturer sells surface-active materials and chemicals with a limited lifespan. From its European sales office, they compete with European manufacturers. To improve their service, they aimed to reduce delivery time to their customers. This way, they could progress from producing ‘made to order’ which resulted in long lead-times to deliver from stock. The goal was to reduce delivery time and improve service to increase customer satisfaction. The challenge: finding the right logistic service provider (LSP) to enhance market shares for the European market.


Supply chain solution meeting high quality requirements

The manufacturer was the perfect fit for a logistic partnership with De Rijke Logistics. From the start of the project we were able to show our expertise, reliability and commitment. Our experts performed an extensive network study with various elements such as ocean freight, customs clearance, warehousing, value added logistics, drumming and European distribution.

Our customer has strict quality requirements for all logistic activities because their products are being  used in the perfume industry. De Rijke Logistics secured certification in handling, drumming and distribution of Kosher and Halal products. The drums, used for transportation, were provided with a special coating to optimize the drumming process. Finally a screening took place and the quality audit was performed - the partnership started. The products were quickly and safely shipped out of Brazil to our warehouse in the Rotterdam-Botlek area. On arrival, import formalities are handled and isotanks transported to the warehouse. The liquid goods are filled into specialty drums and IBCs. Stock is available for European distribution and the orders can be delivered to their customers. De Rijke Logistics being a ‘one-stop shop’ for our partner having control over all the logistics services. 


From 3 months to 3 days delivery!

For our Brazilian manufacturer we realized a new customized logistics solution. Service and expertise were essential to realize a high quality- and cost efficient logistic from Brazil to our European central warehouse. Their process of “Order to Delivery” has been reduced from a three month delivery time to only three days! This enable the customer to anticipate quickly on supply demands and sell to its customers. The close cooperation with the European main office and the trust they have in De Rijke Logistics are essential to facilitate the growth and expansion of the European market.


Customer testimonial
"After several years of presence in the European market with our sales office, we decided to take the next steps with a physically present with local stock in Europe. We chose De Rijke as partner, as this family owned company that is globally active in variable logistical services, also has a differentiated approach in taking care of their clients. From the very beginning we could sense the dedication to our project and now, almost 1 year since the first product arrived in local storage, they continue with the same support of our business which is evolving and growing." 


If you want to know more about the case or if you are interested in a partnership with De Rijke Logistics, please contact us. We are looking forward to contribute in optimizing your supply chain.


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