Market expansion to Europe for producers of specialty chemicals in Asia


Europe has a growing sales market for producers of specialty chemicals. There are strict requirements concerning laws and regulations In the supply chain of chemicals. An efficient logistics partner is essential to ensure handling all specific restrictions. Our experience in the chemical industry and knowledge of the European market ensures De Rijke Logistics are the ideal partner for transportation and customs handling of your specialty chemicals. This article will inform you about the export of chemicals to Europe and the services De Rijke Logistics provides as a logistics partner. 

Logistics design European market

De Rijke Logistics is specialised in storage, Value Added Logistics and transportation of chemicals. Therefore, we are able to advise about the design of your supply chain. Which mode of transport is the most efficient to export your products to Europe? Which fiscal advantages does The Netherlands offer, compared to other European countries? How do you calculate your optimal storage level for different locations? De Rijke Logistics can advise you on all issues emerging. Moreover, De Rijke Logistics possesses multiple facilities in Europe and we have a broad and reliable partner network to process your specialty chemicals.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is a collective name for forms of finance between organisations in a logistic network. The goal: improving the financial position of every single party within the supply chain, lowering costs, spreading financial risks and creating value throughout. Every party involved contains different financial needs. Therefore, De Rijke Logistics provides customized financial solutions for your specific requirements.

Export to Europe: other things take into account

Efficiency in the design of your supply chain is just one of many things you should consider when exporting chemicals to Europe. Packaging, for example in drums or IBC, and labelling are important factors to take into account. In addition, documentation is important. Do you have the right papers to transport your product? And what about customs handling?  De Rijke Logistics has its own customs handling department, its own warehouses and Value Added Logistics. This way, we can take care of all these processes efficiently. We will gladly help you to save both time and money for your supply chain.

De Rijke Logistics: your reliable partner

De Rijke Logistics is a close family business with 75 years of experience in logistics for the chemical industry. Our broad partner network and right connections at European governments makes us your reliable logistics partner. We have AEO, ISO and SQAS certificates to guarantee quality and safety throughout the whole logistic process. Are you considering expanding your sales market to Europe? Contact us for customized advice about your logistics.  Call us: +31 (0)88 0454100 or send an e-mail to Our specialists will gladly help you with all your questions concerning storage and transportation of your specialty chemicals.


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