Brexit: the consequences for transport and logistics

On January 31st 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union. Until 2021, there won’t be any obvious changes. After this date though, many regulations will change for transportation and logistics between Europe and the United Kingdom.


Market expansion to Europe for producers of specialty chemicals in Asia

Europe has a growing sales market for producers of specialty chemicals. There are strict requirements concerning laws and regulations In the supply chain of chemicals. An efficient logistics partner is essential to ensure handling all specific restrictions. Our experience in the chemical industry and knowledge of the European market ensures De Rijke Logistics are the ideal partner for transportation and customs handling of your specialty chemicals.


Are you ready for Brexit? Download our Brexit checklist!

In line with the upcoming Brexit, De Rijke has created a checklist in order to help our customers with their preparation. Learn the practical steps your business can take to prepare for Brexit and download our Brexit checklist now!