De Rijke Logistics uses a broad network of carefully selected partners as well as De Rijke Group's own trucks. The services offered vary from small quantities of packaged transports to full loads. This applies to packaged goods and dry and liquid bulk goods that can be transported by road, rail and sea.

Part of our philosophy is that we need our partners to provide the best possible service to our customers. Only through respectful cooperation and by learning from each other can our services be improved and our customers best served. We share best practices and learn from our partners, just as they can learn from us.

De Rijke has a strong preference for working with specialized companies and the size of these companies varies from a small family business to larger multinational companies. The companies with which De Rijke collaborates can be selected as partners by us or companies selected by our customers.

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Partner network

Carefully selected partners must adhere to safety rules, maintain high standards of customer service and demonstrate ethical behavior. In addition, cost efficiency and continuous improvement are also part of exclusion criteria. All carriers must comply with clearly defined rules and confirm this in our Service Level Agreement and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

By working with fixed agreements and transparency about business won, we expect our partners to know the entire business well. We see the joint business with our partners as an investment in each other and in the future. Many companies that De Rijke works with have been our partners for years and are carefully monitored and their performance is measured and evaluated.

The agreements with the carriers are made both on short-term and long-term agreements and no business is done with spot carriers or sub-subcontractors. As part of the onboarding process, carriers are vetted, assessed and met with.

De Rijke sends orders through an EDI connection and if this is not available, the partner can access our web portal. Communication is multi-directional and timely status updates and delivery confirmations are part of the agreements.

In collaboration with De Rijke's various commercial and operational teams, market trends and developments are monitored so that we can adapt and improve if necessary. Where possible and permitted, volumes from different customers are also consolidated. This results in more efficient and sustainable planning and results in economies of scale for De Rijke and our partners.

Reporting near misses and learning from incidents is encouraged. Sharing best practices is also encouraged. Our partners involved in the transport of plastic granules and/or powders are informed of the OCS program and are asked to sign it. Specific training may be required for specific products, services or customers. All partners must also provide insight into their CO2 emissions and sustainability initiatives are part of our conversations and daily business.

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