Lean & Green

De Rijke Group achieved its first Lean & Green Star in July 2023, an important step towards reducing our CO2 footprint! One of the recognized programs in the Netherlands for reducing CO2 emissions in the transport and logistics sector is Lean & Green. The company guides and audits us on the accuracy of our calculations. For these calculations we have entered into a partnership with BigMile. BigMile makes measuring and providing insight into CO2 easy through an interactive SaaS environment.

It doesn't stop when you get the first star! We are already working hard to draw up a CO2 reduction plan and continued careful monitoring and plan to continue the Lean & Green process. Achieving the stars is not just a recognition; it shows that we as a transport company take our responsibility in making the sector more sustainable.

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EcoVadis is an international sustainability rating service. Companies are assessed on their impact in various non-financial management systems and material topics. Think of “Labor & Human Rights”, “Sustainable Procurement”, “Environment” and “Ethics”. Each topic weighs differently in the score, depending on the industry in which it operates. The rating also depends on other factors, such as company size and sector. The audit is done using an ever-changing questionnaire.

We are actively following our corrective action plan in order to score better with every assessment. In this way we continue to develop and we can reduce our CO2 footprint.





Corporate social responsibility

In addition to doing our part to reduce CO2 emissions, we at De Rijke also think it is important to think about the environment. In collaboration with the Municipality of Nissewaard, De Rijke organized its first CSR Day in 2023! A day with the theme of offering perspective to our young people.

We hope to organize these initiatives more often, in order to make a lasting contribution to our environment.

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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

In 2025, the European Commission's ruling on the rules and regulations on how and what to report on sustainability will become mandatory for De Rijke. Within re-tapping, material subjects are mainly considered. We at De Rijke have identified various topics as material and have attached objectives to them. Every year – from 2025 – we will publish a Sustainability Report in which we will share our progress towards the objectives.

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