Sustainable Transport

Emission-free transport is the future, which is why our own fleet is equipped with the latest technologies and we can offer alternative options to transport your freight. De Rijke offers various alternative options, such as the alternative fuel HVO and we can also provide you with dedicated zero emission solutions.

We are currently able to offer the alternative fuel HVO for transport within Europe. This will result in a reduction in CO2 emissions of between 80 and 90%.

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HVO Diesel is the fuel choice for a more sustainable and cleaner future. Our new trucks are able to refuel with this fuel and can therefore help reduce both our and your CO2 emissions. There are different types of HVO (EN590 & EN15940), which will have a different impact on your emissions. This fuel variant also offers other advantages, such as:

  • Cleaner combustion
  • Improved performance
  • Compatibility
  • Environmentally friendly


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Zero Emission Transport

We can offer zero-emission transport in the form of electric (EVs) or hydrogen-powered transport on request. This form of transport does not emit harmful exhaust gases, such as CO2 and nitrogen. Zero emission transport is an important and valuable step towards becoming more sustainable as a company and you can achieve this at De Rijke. This form of transport brings several advantages, such as:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Future-proof
  • Lower dependence on fossil fuels
  • Less noise pollution


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co2 calculation

In addition to calculating our own CO2 emissions, we can also make other calculations and scenario planning for you as a customer. We can offer you insight into the CO2 emissions you have through transport at De Rijke.

There are various KPIs that can be set jointly to reduce the impact on the environment, so we can take this into account when we take care of your transport completely. Consider sustainable transport and alternative modalities. In advance, we can make various scenario plans to meet all your sustainability wishes!

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