A sustainable future

De Rijke is involved in various sustainable initiatives to reduce our ecological impact and contribute to society.


Sustainable initiatives

De Rijke is involved in various sustainable initiatives to reduce our ecological impact and contribute to society.


Sustainability report

In our Sustainability Report you can find everything about our steps towards a more sustainable future.


Our road to zero emission

As a logistics sector, many steps need to be taken to provide a more sustainable service. At De Rijke we have set concrete goals to make our sustainability process measurable.


Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels are an important part of making the logistics industry more sustainable. Read more below about alternative fuels in logistics and in our business operations.


Multimodal Solutions

In our daily business at De Rijke, we are involved in the use of alternative modalities. By making simulations and by discussing with our customers, we are able to organize effective and more sustainable transportation.

Sustainable transport at De Rijke Group

De Rijke Group has been active in the transport sector since 1945. As a result, we have extensive experience in transport and the innovations that have characterized the transport landscape in recent years. We have observed that the logistical process continually evolves, making it important for us to anticipate changes in the sector and market. In recent years, more and more companies have shown interest in sustainable transport options. With our team of experts and professionals possessing diverse knowledge and experience, De Rijke is always able to add value to the supply chain. This enables us to adapt and organize our services so that your company can benefit. We are happy to explain the sustainable transport options we offer and how you can implement them within your business. Are you interested in sustainable transport? Benefit from our expertise and years of experience by getting to know our company.

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Realizing sustainable logistics

Realizing sustainable logistics is perhaps one of the greatest challenges currently facing the transport sector. Achieving sustainable transport requires cleaner technology and sustainable fuels. Unfortunately, it is currently not cost-effective to use electric vehicles for longer distances, such as international or global transport. However, De Rijke has implemented various measures to make green logistics, or sustainable logistics, increasingly feasible. Especially in international transport, we deploy fewer drivers and thus fewer trips. Many of our transport modes, such as sea transport, are unmanned. Upon arrival at the destination, other drivers take over the sustainable transport locally. By maintaining good contacts with our international partners, De Rijke can better deploy its trips and drivers, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We also continue to innovate our management system to better organize the loading of our transport, thereby reducing the need for material and the number of trips with trucks, trailers, or sea containers.

Learn more about sustainable transport or green logistics

Our advisors are happy to provide more information about the possibilities for sustainable transport or green logistics. You can contact our experts in various ways, including:

  • Filling out the contact form
  • Seeking phone contact
  • Sending us an email


We are here to assist you and outline the possibilities for sustainable logistics. At De Rijke, you can always rely on our commitment to quality, health, safety, and the environment. You can read more about all our services and offerings on our website. Would you prefer to contact us directly or request information? Then you can click on this link, where you will find all our contact details.