Dry bulk transport

Dry bulk means solids that you transport in mass quantities. This is called dry bulk logistics. The substances are not transported as separate items, but are loaded in mass quantities in the cargo space on the ship or in a container. Examples include the transportation of sand, asphalt, cocoa beans, concrete granules or coal. Dry bulk transport is not done as separate items because it usually involves a large quantity of the substances. Only on arrival at a destination are the bulk goods divided.

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How does dry bulk transport work?

When you employ De Rijke Group to transport dry bulk, we use our own fleet. This allows us to transport bulk powders and granulates to our silo storage facility. We can temporarily store the materials there if needed and can also package them for you. We have modern containers for dry bulk logistics for loose materials. These come in a variety of sizes, designs and capacities. We even have ISO bulk containers. This means that the container meets International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) standards. These containers also vary in size and maximum stacking weight. 

Want to transport bulk materials that need to be kept at a certain temperature? For that, we equip the trailers and containers with special filters, installations and live bottoms. We then transport your bulk material to the desired final destination.  

Unloading dry bulk

In dry bulk logistics, the dry bulk is unloaded using an excavator, dump truck or crane. With a crane, for example, you can lift the bulk material into a warehouse or truck. The dump trucks are particularly useful for unloading dry bulk at the destination.


  • Bonded warehouse storage, including APG storage;
  • Repacking, marking, bagging, packing, conditioning and placing your goods on pallets;
  • Providing your goods with shrink or film wrap;
  • Filling of powders and granulates in different quantities and different forms of packaging, such as drums or barrels;

More than just dry bulk transport

In addition to dry bulk logistics, we are happy to help you in other ways. In fact, De Rijke Group also offers various Value Added Logistics. In this way, we can start relieving you from the first moment of contact. In fact, we offer dedicated equipment on request. During special projects, we make sure that all necessary permits are in place, for example for waste materials. But there are other services we can offer to relieve you, such as:

  • Shipping preparation and related administration for transporting your goods;
  • Tracking your goods using an automated Warehouse Management System, including bar code and QR scanner;
  • Tank container storage including shunting service;
  • Heating of drums;
  • Labelling, sampling, packing, scanning, securing and gas testing. 

For almost any problem or issue, we offer a solution. Would you like to know more? Take a look at our website or contact one of our specialists. We will discuss your needs and questions together so that at the end of the conversation, we have a clear plan and offer for your dry bulk transport. You will then know exactly how much it will cost and how we will transport your bulk.

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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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