Supply Chain Solutions

Our Logistics business unit offers Supply Chain Solutions to our customers, thus relieving them of any worries about their supply chain. We provide chain solutions, especially for customers who are active in the (petro-) chemical and food & feed. industries. As opposed to the other business units, Logistics is ‘non-asset based’. Flexible operations are possible, in co-operation with the other business units, yielding at least the following benefits:

  • the expertise and skills of our employees
  • the power of our IT management system
  • our comprehensive partner network
  • our innovative, customised solutions

To those customers who from a well-considered and strategic perspective  opt for a partnership with De Rijke, we offer a broad range of logistics services:

  • multimodal transport solutions (sea/air/water/rail)
  • storage and Added Value Logistics (filling/bagging/labelling etc.)
  • customs handling
  • handling documentation and information flows

We focus on Total Cost Management, whereby optimising of service and costs is key. To achieve this we apply logistics re-engineering, amongst other things. We operate on the basis of operational excellence, deploying intelligent business process management systems to be able to monitor the process and to optimise it by means of Key Performance Indicators. Along these lines we help our customers to enhance their essential competitive advantage in the logistics domain.

Logistics makes use of an extensive partner network. This always gives us the possibility to select the best combination for our customers; an optimal balance between service and costs by deploying the best ‘hardware’ of De Rijke Group and selecting the most suitable logistics partner(s) from our network. This approach leads to added value for our customers and sustainable partnerships with our customers and logistics partners.

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