Our business unit Warehousing & Value Added Logistics offers all kinds of storage options, taking over major worries around warehousing from our customer base. 


Multifunctional warehousing

Warehousing is usually not part of the core business of manufacturing companies, especially in the chemical industry. In order to be able to provide large-scale temporary storage of chemicals (including hazardous substances), many dynamic conditions must be met and the necessary permits must be obtained. In addition, it often proves difficult to determine the correct dimensions for an in-house temporary storage facility. This entails high costs for production companies and distributors.


By using De Rijke Group's warehousing facilities, the customer can make these costs variable. We have facilities that comply with the latest technological developments and hold the relevant permits. Our motivated, well-trained and experienced team is ready to advise you and take comprehensive care of your goods flows.


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Our multifunctional warehousing capabilities, which meet all legal and customer-specific requirements, enable companies to operate with greater flexibility. We offer a key fall-back option for our customers if their own storage capacity is temporarily insufficient, for example in the case of seasonal or campaign-oriented production. 


Attention and service 

Spread across various locations in Europe, De Rijke Group has over 400,000 square meters of covered storage space, ranging from conventional storage facilities for all kinds of products, warehouses for the storage of hazardous substances (Warehousing ADR goods), heated warehouses, GMP warehouses and even cold-storage warehouses. In addition to these covered warehousing locations, De Rijke also offers various options for storing goods or containers in a responsible manner at specially equipped outdoor storage sites. Our elevated aluminum storage silos are mainly used for the storage of bulk materials such as powders and granules.



The storage of your products is in safe hands at De Rijke Group! Every customer who utilizes our warehousing services can count on the same attention and expertise. It is a partnership in which customers give us far-reaching responsibilities. Thanks to our automated Warehousing Management System in combination with a flexible attitude, customers can react quickly and appropriately to developments in the market.


Full-service Warehousing

The activities of the business unit Warehousing & Value Added Logistics extend beyond transport and storage. We offer full-service warehousing in the Netherlands and warehousing in Belgium. Also, we can take over inventory management from the customer, even up to and including inventory management at our customer's premises (Vendor Managed Inventory). Our customer can focus fully on production, while we ensure that their customer's stock of finished or semi-finished products is maintained. They can, if desired, gain access to our Warehousing Management System via the portal so that they can see the exact status of a specific stock or order at any time.


Value Added Logistics

At almost all locations, we can offer our customers numerous Value Added Logistics solutions. These include packaging, repackaging, bagging, filling, labelling, weighing, conditioning, placing products on pallets and shrink wrapping. We also have fully automated systems for filling liquids, powders and granules in various quantities and for different forms of packaging. The standard options also include preparation for shipment, up to and including transport and customs documents and the associated administration.


We also offer the option of collecting goods from the factory or port with our own means of transport, packaging them and temporarily storing them. We ensure that the goods arrive at the right destination at the agreed moment in time, whether in Europe or beyond. With the help of customised dashboards, we provide relevant information that offers optimum transparency with regard to the flows of goods handled and the associated costs and performance levels. We prefer to transfer orders and provide feedback via electronic, interactive data transfer, such as EDI. Smart scanning solutions are also available.


In addition to providing safe, sustainable and at the same time economically sound logistics and warehousing solutions, all our working methods are aimed at achieving a process of continuous improvement, in a well organised manner. Accelerating Value!

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