Warehousing & Value Added Logistics

Our Warehousing & Added Value business unit provides all manner of storage facilities, thus relieving our customers of some major worries. Intermediate storage often no longer belongs to the core activities of production companies, especially in the chemical industry. Many conditions must be met and parties who are authorized to store chemicals must also possess the required permits. This entails substantial costs for production companies, and customers can make these costs variable by using the facilities of De Rijke Group.

De Rijke Group boasts multifunctional storage facilities that comply with all legal and customer-specific requirements. Businesses that use our storage facilities can operate with enhanced flexibility. An example: we offer fall-back storage facilities to our customers to remedy a situation in which their own storage capacity appears to be insufficient. This may be a crucial scenario, e.g. when seasonal production is at stake.

Spread across various locations in Europe, we have covered storage space of more than 400,000 sq. m., ranging from conventional storage facilities for all kinds of products to halls for the storage of hazardous substances, heated storage halls, GMP halls and even cold storage warehouses. Our storage silos are mainly used for the storage of bulk powders and granules.


The storage of your products is in safe hands. Each and every customer can rely on our consistent service and attention. A partnership is involved, whereby customers grant far-reaching responsibilities to us. Our automated Warehouse Management System – in combination with our flexible approach – ensures that our customers can respond quickly and appropriately to developments in the market.


The activities of this business unit go beyond mere transport and storage. We can also take stock management out of the hands of the customer, even up to the point of stock control for the client of our customer (Vendor Managed Inventory). Our customer can fully focus on production, while we ensure that stocks of (semi-manufactured) products of the customer’s client are kept at the required levels. If required, the latter can even gain access to our computer system so that the status of a specific cargo can be monitored at any moment.


We can add value to the products of our customers at almost all locations. You may think of: packaging, re-packaging, bagging, filling, marking, weighing, conditioning, palletizing and applying wrap or shrink foil to products. Furthermore, we have completely automated installations for dosing fluids, powders and granules in different quantities and for various types of packaging. Preparing products for shipment is also within our standard capabilities, up to and including handling all transport and customs documents and the associated administrative duties.

We also provide designated facilities for the collection of goods, using our own means of transport, from your factory, and for their packaging and temporary storage, after which we ensure delivery of the goods within Europe or beyond, to the correct destination and at the time agreed.

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