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At this moment we are experiencing an overheated European transport market. Volumes and quantities have reached a level which is considerably higher than the last 12 months – even before COVID-19. Traditionally this period of national and international holidays with shorter weeks has always been challenging. However currently with the demand being considerably higher than normal and other factors of which some are listed below, we are facing exceptional situation and would therefore like to briefly update our customers and partners.


In the Nordic countries, the level during spring 2021 is above what we have seen in the last 12-18 months, and volumes are significantly high. Particularly in Denmark, a pressure on foreign capacity is seen due to tightened cabotage requirements.


In the United Kingdom, quantities are on the same level as before Brexit. However, the production time (number of days a trailer spends on a trip) is increased several days and in some cases even more. This creates and imbalance in overall capabilities.


In Germany and Benelux, quantities are by now over the same period in 2019 – and even higher than the same period in 2020. The same goes for Southern Europe, however, to a lower degree. In Central Europe, volumes are particularly above level – especially out of Poland and the Czech Republic.


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Increasing congestion (waiting time) at loading- and unloading sites, even production-lines (OEM) such as the automotive branch, which is exceptional and therefore a valid indication of exceptional circumstances, affecting the productiveness of vehicles and available capacity.


Delays in production of new vehicles, partly because of demand, but also shortages of raw material and computer chips, not enabling transport companies to increase their capacity on short notice.


As De Rijke Group, we do everything within our power to guarantee our service. However, we do count on your understanding that these market developments make this more challenging than usual.


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