Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) system

Are you looking for a company that can fill an IBC or multiple IBCs for you? Among other things, chemicals can be filled in a variety of containers, including IBCs. You have come to the right place, because De Rijke Group is a specialist in IBC filling using our IBC system and IBC container filling system. We have all the required certificates and permits for the storage and processing of materials and customs and excise goods. In addition, you can make use of warehousing with Value Added Logistics. We are happy to help you with this.

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Specialist in IBC filling

As you may know, an IBC system is one of the most commonly used packagings for chemical materials and raw materials. Are you also looking for a reliable and strategic place to have your IBC filled? You've come to the right place. De Rijke Group is a specialist in IBC filling. You can fill an Intermediate Bulk Container at our IBC filling station. 

The IBC system with IBC filling machine is widely used for filling and transferring large quantities of liquids. The IBC has a storage capacity of up to 1,000 litres. With us, you can store liquids, raw materials and other materials, but you also have the possibility of IBC filling. We use innovative methods and our IBC filling machine to fill your materials.

One of the advantages of an IBC system is the fact that you can fit more volume in the same floor space. As a result, stocks take up less space and this is noticeable from transportation to storage. This advantage does depend on accuracy. Accurately filling an IBC container is something you can safely leave to us. Working with the IBC filling machine is done with due care and attention by our team. Naturally, we have all the relevant permits.


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When working with flammable or combustible liquids, extra safety is required. We have a lot of experience with IBC filling and all of our warehouses are equipped with fire safety equipment. These include sprinklers and foam fire suppression systems. We have all the necessary certificates to ensure safety at the same time as maintaining quality, namely: BRZO, AEO, ISO9001, SQAS and FamiQS.

Choose IBC filling with Value Added Logistics (VAL)

If you choose to store goods or materials with us or want to use our service to fill your IBC, you can make use of Value Added Logistics (VAL). Are you considering using this service? If so, consider the following Value Added Logistic services, among others: 

  • Filling of liquids, powders, granulates in various quantities and different forms of packaging from tankers;
  • Transferring liquids from tankers, tank containers, drums or IBCs to other tankers or tank containers;
  • Professional weighing solutions for trucks;
  • Tank container storage including shunting service (container shunting);
  • Various possibilities, such as heating of drums, delivery of packages and use of control towers;
  • User-friendly WMS with bar and QR code scanner for excellent traceability of goods. 
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Want to learn more about IBC filling or do you have other questions about the IBC system? We would be happy to assist you. As a storage location for transport to and from Europe at the most strategic location in Rotterdam, we would like to give you more information. 

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