Logistics design

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Logistics Design

Would you like to organise your logistics processes for goods transport to or from Europe as efficiently as possible? Or are your logistics processes so complex that it is difficult to keep track of them, let alone optimise your processes? De Rijke Logistics is a 4PL logistics service provider that is happy to take care of complex goods flows for you.

As supply chain director, our services do not stop at the optimisation and organisation of your processes: we can also take care of inventory management for you and your customers. Our focus? Managing efficiency, service and costs. Because we are non-asset based, we are able to find the most favourable solution for your specific situation using our extensive partner network. That way, we create value and help you advance. And thanks to our state-of-the-art IT management systems you always know the status of your KPIs.


The benefits of logistics design by De Rijke Logistics:

  • Supply chain optimisation: cost-efficient and improved service
  • Experienced Logistics Engineers
  • State-of-the-art IT management systems
  • Own customs department
  • Extensive network of reliable partners based on SLAs
  • Specialised in the chemical industry
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Own customs department

Logistics design by De Rijke Logistics offers quick customs handling. Good contacts with local customs agents, online connections with customs authorities and the coveted AEO certificate help us complete customs procedures quickly and easily. We also act as tax representative with limited licence. This means that, on certain conditions, no import VAT is due on goods imported into the Netherlands. And through our online connection with the Chamber of Commerce we can also quickly prepare origin documents or authenticated trade invoices. It goes without saying that this contributes to the efficiency of your logistics processes. Do you have a specific question or challenge concerning goods clearance? Our specialists will be happy to help you find the answer or solution.