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You want to have your products delivered to your customers as quickly, safely and economically as possible. To do this as efficiently as possible, we work together with an extensive partner network. Our long-standing experience with and knowledge of the logistics industry helps us respond to every logistics challenge. Do you have a specific question? We will be pleased to help you find the answer.

Our logistics services encompass all elements necessary for the safe transport of your products from A to B. We not only provide transport, but also take care of all required safety and other certificates, correct customs handling, storage of goods, processing of waste flows and the packaging and repackaging of your products. We are happy to take care of your entire supply chain, so that you can continue to focus on the production process. Would you like advice on or a better understanding of how to optimise your supply chain? Discover the possibilities of Logistics Engineering



The benefits of operations through De Rijke Logistics:

  • Comprehensive solutions for the entire supply chain, from door to door
  • Supply chain optimisation: safe, quick & cost-efficient
  • Own customs department
  • Extensive network of reliable partners based on SLAs
  • Specialised in the chemical industry
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Road Freight

Short lead times

Road transport throughout Europe: one of the quickest logistics solutions for short, medium and long distances. Be it general cargo, dry bulk, containers or flexitanks: De Rijke Logistics safely transports your cargo from A to B. If necessary, trailers and containers can be equipped with special filters, live bottoms and installations to keep your cargo at the right temperature. Your transport will be organised as efficiently as possible, for full truck load (FTL), less than load (LTL) or groupage.

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Ocean Freight

Cost-efficient solution

Ocean freight is the most commonly used and effective form of intercontinental transport. The costs of ocean freight are also favourable. Ocean freight is highly suitable for large and heavy loads. If your load is not large enough for a full container (FLC), it is combined with other cargo for the same destination (LCL). This enhances efficiency. The routing of your freight is also flexible: from A to B, including any intermediate stops.

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Air Freight

Ultra-fast delivery

Are you facing a delivery challenge? Then air freight is the quickest solution. De Rijke Logistics is partner of various global air freight specialists. We also take care of customs handling and all aspects of product import for you. After it has arrived at the airport, your freight will be transported efficiently to the final destination: your customer. Read more about our customs activities under the heading ‘Customs’.

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Longer distances

Transport by freight train is used mainly for transport over longer distances from ports. The benefit of rail transport is that trains can also ride at night. Rail transport is, however, less flexible and goods must still be transported from the terminal station to the end customer. The possibilities of rail transport are endless. Thanks to the Chinese Silk Route, it is even possible to transport freight from Europe to China. De Rijke Logistics will look for the best solution together with you: from open to closed freight wagons to stacked containers, refrigerated wagons, or tank wagons.

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Container Trucking

Safe transport to and from ports

Container Trucking is the transport of general cargo to and from ports. Your sea containers are transported safely by road or rail. Here, too, you have the option of full containers (FTL) or partially filled containers (LTL). De Rijke Logistics can advise you on the most effective form of transport for your situation. Regardless of the type of shipment, we offer the safest and most cost-efficient way to transport your product from A to B. Here, too, our specialised customs department can take care of all customs handling for you.

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Intermodal Transportation

Effective combination of transport

Often, your freight is transported using different modes of transport: road, rail and, occasionally, inland shipping. From the port, goods are transferred to another means of transport. These can be sea containers or lorry and trailer combinations, with or without driver. De Rijke Logistics ensures smooth and efficient intermodal transport across the globe in order to prevent unnecessary delays.

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Transport is not just about moving goods quickly and safely. Customs handling en route is at least as important, regardless of whether you import or export products. De Rijke Logistics has good contacts with local customs agents and online connections with customs authorities. All required documents are prepared quickly and carefully, so that your goods pass customs in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulations. De Rijke Logistics has the coveted AEO certificate with which customs procedures can be completed quickly and easily. We also act as tax representative with limited licence. This means that, in certain conditions, entrepreneurs in EU Member States and non-EU Member States do not have to pay import VAT. Finally, we can also quickly prepare origin documents, such as Certificates of Origin, EUR. 1 Certificates or authenticated trade invoices. This way, De Rijke Logistics facilitates your logistics process.



Flexible storage options

Multifunctional storage options that meet statutory and customer requirements. De Rijke Logistics offers all kinds of storage options. We have around 400,000 square metres of warehouse space worldwide, for a wide range of liquid and solid products as well as hazardous substances. In addition to regular storage, we also provide heated warehouses, storage silos and GDP warehouses. Are you unexpectedly short of storage capacity, for example because of seasonal production? We offer plenty of fall-back options. We ensure that your customer's stock remains at the required level and, through your Warehouse Management System, you and your customer always know the status of every specific load.

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Value Added Logistics

Packed and ready to be shipped

In addition to transport and storage, we also offer packaging and preparation for shipping. You can use any of our wide range of solutions: packaging, repackaging, bagging, filling, labelling, weighing, conditioning, placing products on pallets and shrink wrapping. Filling and bulking liquids, powders and granules are also possible. Automated systems pack your product in different quantities and packaging forms. We also take care of all preparation of your goods.

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Careful delivery to your customer

The final link in your supply chain: distribution from the depot to your customer. This mainly concerns smaller loads transported by means of tarpaulin lorries and tailgate lorries. This makes it easy to unload goods at their destination. De Rijke Logistics can also take care of this aspect of transport for you. With the help of our reliable partners all over the world, we ensure careful delivery, because this is, after all, an important contact with your customer. That is why we have our own courier service for delivering documents and authentications at embassies. That way, you can continue to focus on your core task: production.