As a 4PL logistics service provider, De Rijke offers more than just international transport. For instance, De Rijke also takes care of the customs formalities for all companies who want to import goods from outside the EU via the Netherlands. Because if such is the case, there is much more to it than just loading, storing, and further transporting from the boat. For all goods to be imported, the necessary customs formalities must be drawn up. And preferably before the cargo reaches the European mainland. One of those formalities is the arranging of the VAT that needs to be paid upon importing the goods.

Henk Zuidgeest, Manager De Rijke Continental

For importing products into the EU and to clear them in a European country, VAT must be paid. The importer can pass this VAT responsibility to De Rijke who acts as a Limited Fiscal Representative. This allows the VAT associated with the customs to be shifted to the final recipient. Only the Netherlands and Belgium have such a mechanism whereby the VAT that applies to customs clearance does not have to be paid immediately at the time of customs clearance. This is the so-called Article 23 license. The VAT is registered in the name of De Rijke and is '0' because of the article 23 regulation.

Where in other EU countries you have to pay the VAT immediately upon clearance and retrieve these later from the tax authorities, in the Netherlands there is the option to 'transfer' the VAT to the VAT number of the recipient of the goods, e.g. in Germany. This saves the importer paying high amounts in advance that must be financed at the moment of customs clearance. De Rijke logistics has its own customs department that acts as Limited Fiscal Representative. To companies from all over the world, from Asia to the Americas, De Rijke offers its logistics services, helping these companies to expand their business into Europe. The Limited Fiscal Representation regulation is ‘helping’ in this.

"For more than a decade De Rijke has provided Supreme Petfoods with excellent logistic service and support. Following the introduction of new demanding challenges with customs clearance and the management of VAT issues, Supreme has developed its partnership with De Rijke, who have proved to be outstanding both in navigating the issues and offering new services and solutions such as being a limited fiscal representative. They have become a one-stop shop for Supreme as it develops its European business."

Supreme Petfoods  - Customer Fulfilment Manager

The specialized customs department makes De Rijke's services even richer. The knowledge and expertise of logistics services, and therefore also customs-related matters, is of high added value for customers. De Rijke's advisory function is important: customs are already often difficult for customers within the EU, let alone for companies from outside Europe. De Rijke is a one-stop shop that arranges all formalities and directs all logistics via the control tower. The complete coordination of the transport lies with the company, including customs formalities. A specialism that not everyone offers because it also involves training. De Rijke's specially trained customs declarants advise, support, and arrange everything until it's right.

The customs team of De Rijke has experienced significant growth over the past three years. This growth is inextricably linked to Brexit as of January 1, 2021. Until then, there was free movement of people and goods between the UK and the mainland, from that day on customs formalities must be completed in both England and the Netherlands. Which means products must be cleared through customs, with De Rijke acting as Limited Fiscal Representative whereby the VAT is shifted to the recipient. De Rijke's customs department has used Brexit to gain more visibility among existing and new customers. The services that the department offers provide more convenience.

De Rijke's customs department has invested time and energy in helping and guiding customers before and after Brexit. De Rijke's personal touch and approach, customer-oriented work, has certainly paid off here. And that is reflected in more and more customers who rely on the custom services of de Rijke. Existing customers who see the added value, but also new companies and organizations who choose to have the logistics run through De Rijke, including guidance and advice on customs.

Written by:

Henk Zuidgeest | Manager De Rijke Continental B.V.

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