Automation is an important theme within logistics services, and organisations continue to develop in this area. At De Rijke Logistics, we are also working constantly on new developments. Not only to keep up with trends in the market, but above all with the aim of making logistics processes even more accurate and efficient. This leaves us more time for our customers and you more time for your customers. A win-win situation for both of us! In this article you can read more about our latest development and what it can do for you.

New application as flexible shell

To take the next step in automating processes, De Rijke Logistics has recently introduced a new application. This application works as a flexible shell between the systems you are already used to from us: the customer and carrier portal, the transport management system (BluJay) and Qlik Sense. This shell automates a number of aspects that you regularly come across, such as order entry. This results in less administrative work and fewer repetitive actions.

More accurate and efficient manual order entry

Our customers are used to entering orders in a number of ways. For example, by manually sending an order by email to us as their logistics service provider. This email is processed, a pdf file is downloaded and the order is then entered manually. The new application of De Rijke Logistics scans orders via email (also pdf files) and enters them directly in the order management system. This not only saves a lot of time, but is also much more accurate.

Customer-specific wishes and data validation

The application is also interesting for customers who are already using our customer portal. Customer-specific wishes are taken into account and all data are validated by the application. You will be notified when incorrect data have been sent to our system. 

Real-time connection with transport management software

The application is also a great development for customers who use software such as Elemica, Transporeon and Transwide. Thanks to EDI connections between our application and this software, De Rijke Logistics no longer has to log into your system to process orders manually. The application processes all data in real time. Again, this saves a lot of time and greatly reduces the chance of incorrect order information. 

All information in a single customer portal

Where until now we retrieve information from different locations (email, the customer portal and transport management software) this will no longer be necessary. Both our customers and ourselves only log in via the customer portal. All orders are automatically checked, validated and processed by means of this system. No longer having to switch between different portals again saves a lot of time.

What changes for you?

Not much at first! If you are already using our customer portal, you will automatically switch to our new application. A number of customers have already migrated, the rest will follow soon. However, you can already use the mobile application. This gives you insight into the status of orders wherever you are. Would you like to keep up to date on a specific customer at all times? Then you will receive push messages with status updates via the app. 

The most important change for you is that logistics processes will be even more efficient in the future. This leaves us more time to advise you properly, to analyse your data even better and to optimise your logistics processes. And you yourself will have more time for customer service.

Do you have questions about these or other developments within De Rijke Logistics? Feel free to contact us.

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David Green | Supply Chain Operations Manager

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