Requesting a T1 document

Are you transporting goods from a country outside the European Union to a country within the European Union? If so, you will need a T1 document. Even if you first store the goods in a bonded warehouse, this still applies to your transportation. The T1 form document is a T1 customs document for all goods that are not yet free to be traded within the European Union. This document is necessary because you must first pay import duties on all products you wish to import. If this has not yet been done, you transport the product accompanied by a T1 transport document. 

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Requesting a T1 document with the help of De Rijke Logistics

Would you like to transport your products from outside the European Union to the European Union without hassle? De Rijke Logistics would be happy to arrange the T1 shipping document for you. The advantage of this is that you can transport your goods without any problems. You can then transit them within the European Union without barriers. Would you like to store the goods first? That's also possible in our bonded warehouse. We can offer you all kinds of solutions, so you can transport your goods to and from the European Union without worry or stress. 

With transportation under a T1 document, the products are not cleared, but you can transport the goods from customs warehouse to customs warehouse, under customs supervision.

For this reason, it is also called T1 transit. The T1 document does have a limited validity period. We take this into account, so that the transportation of your products is cleared in time by the subsequent document or they are cleared for free circulation.

Brexit and export documents

A common question: do you need a T1 document due to Brexit? Because the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union since Brexit, documentation is required. This is because you have to deal with customs and the rules that apply to countries outside the European Union. But because it is a European country, you do not need a T1 document for the United Kingdom, but a T2 document. So, you cannot submit these goods to customs with the T1 declaration. 

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How do we create a T1 transit document for you?

For shipments under customs supervision, we will prepare a T1 form for you to transport goods from a customs warehouse to another warehouse, depot or other country. As a result, the recipient of your goods does not pay VAT and import duties until final clearance. Are the goods still under supervision? Thanks to the T1 export document, no payment is required yet. 

Value Added Logistics (VAL) from De Rijke Logistics

When you use our services, we aim to relieve you as much as possible. Therefore, in addition to preparation of a T1 document, we also offer other Value Added services. For example, you can make use of: 

  • Storage in a bonded warehouse;
  • Packaging, repackaging, bagging, filling, labelling, weighing, conditioning and shrink- or film-wrapping products;
  • Professional weighing solutions for trucks;
  • Filling of liquids, powders and granulates in different quantities and different forms of packaging;
  • Transferring liquids from tankers, tank containers, drums or IBCs to other tankers or tank containers;
  • Heating of drums, delivery of packages and use of control towers;
  • Sampling, packing, placing on pallets, (re)labelling, scanning, marking, gas testing and securing;
  • Tank container storage at an adjacent site, including shunting;
  • Various other services.


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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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