Many importers and exporters have had to deal with major changes and difficulties since the completion of Brexit. As a result, the logistics landscape, particularly in Europe, has undergone several changes, making the import and/or export of goods more complicated. As an experienced logistics provider, De Rijke Group can help coordinate and execute transport, from start to finish. Find out more about our transport solutions UK and how we can be of service to you below.

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Transport solutions UK with De Rijke

De Rijke has been a UK transport specialist for many years and has continued to operate and innovate throughout Brexit. Our qualified personnel understand the situation in the UK and know which transport solutions UK will best suit your needs and requirements. Our professionals are experts in transport and logistics, including in customs procedures. At De Rijke, our central aim is to provide hassle-free, full-service solutions for import and export. Your business will benefit from the following services that fall under transport solutions UK:

  • Authorised Economic Operator, or AEO, certification. This certificate facilitates trade between the United Kingdom and other countries, for example, through less stringent controls on cross-border trade.
  • We have our own in-house declarants who have extensive expertise, knowledge and experience in customs procedures.
  • De Rijke Group has an exclusive partnership with customs agents in the United Kingdom. This allows us to inform them of shipments in advance, reducing border waiting times.
  • Transport to the UK is managed in-house. This means that De Rijke has offices in both the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Our transport solutions UK allow transport to run more smoothly, which also means that valuable time is not lost. In addition, our transport solutions UK take into account any costs that may be incurred. It is important to us that you are not saddled with unnecessary costs. Therefore, our trailers are shipped unaccompanied. This means that the drivers do not accompany them on board. Once the trailers have arrived at the destination, drivers from our own branches provide onward transport.

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Transport solutions UK: transport modes

In addition to the various benefits of De Rijke's transport solutions UK, you also have a wide choice of transport modes. We offer services ranging from complete trailer loads to temperature-controlled refrigerated trailers. In short, even if you need to transport items that must be kept warm, cooled, or frozen, we can help.

We will of course be happy to inform you about the various options for transport. You can also contact us for information on post-Brexit transport to the UK. Contact information can be found on our website. We are happy to assist you by email or phone.

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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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