Chemicals transport

When transporting chemicals or other hazardous materials, certain requirements must be met. Among other things, companies must comply with specific regulations regarding the means of transportation (or logistics), packaging, drivers, transport documents and labeling for the transportation of hazardous materials. Dutch legislation requires chemical transport drivers to have specific diplomas. There are also special rules that are enforced concerning the transport of specialty chemicals by rail, water and road. In particular, this can make the transportation of specialty chemicals to foreign countries very complicated. There are several national regulations to which the company and driver(s) must adhere, as well as European legislation. De Rijke Group is here to take on the burden of these, frankly, complicated rules for you. Are you curious how? We are happy to explain below.

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Logistics for specialty chemicals

In the field of chemical transportation, there are many specific laws and regulations that a company must deal with if it is interested in carrying out logistics for specialty chemicals. Among other things, the company and its drivers must have various certifications. At De Rijke, we offer several transportation-oriented solutions, one of which is the transportation of chemicals. Our drivers have the appropriate certification and are trained on the laws and regulations in European countries and the United Kingdom, among others.

De Rijke Group has a high SQAS score. Using SQAS, short for Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability, logistics service providers or distributors of chemicals are assessed on several aspects. For example, by comparing the quality, safety, security, and environmental performance of transporters and distributors, it is possible to assess whether a company is actually capable of performing chemicals transport. De Rijke uses this system to participate in various assignments to ensure safety at all times during chemicals transport.

By using De Rijke Group for the transport of chemicals, you do not have to train your own drivers in this specialized field and nor are you required to use the SQAS. Since De Rijke has the right systems and transportation knowledge, you are completely relieved of the burden.

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Chemicals transport: arrange it with De Rijke

De Rijke Group specializes in providing transportation-oriented solutions. We offer a wide range of logistics services. This goes far beyond chemicals transportation alone or logistics for specialty chemicals. So, you can rely on us for the following matters and/or services:

  • Supply chain solutions
  • Transport
  • Warehousing and value-added logistics (opportunities for storage)
  • Global Freight Forwarding (facilitating warehousing and transportation around the world)
  • UK Transport Specialist

Within all of the above five categories, De Rijke offers a variety of possibilities and options. Our goal is to help you with your issues and needs, as well as to relieve you throughout the process. Are you curious about what we can do for you? If so, be sure to contact our qualified advisors by phone, or fill out the contact form on the contact page.

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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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