Container transport Netherlands

Container transport in the Netherlands goes through the Port of Rotterdam. It is the largest port in Europe and is always bustling. From this port, De Rijke Group uses a fleet of trucks and trailers to transport shipping containers to ports in the Benelux countries, Germany and France. So, your cargo can be transported via container transport Netherlands to the port of Antwerp, for example. Or much further, to France. 

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Container transport and storage options

Shipping containers are generally water and wind tight. Such shipping containers can also be used as storage containers, but it doesn't work the other way round. Do you need a storage place for your goods? In addition to container transport Netherlands, De Rijke Group also offers multi-purpose storage options. We have the proper permits for this and our facilities are up-to-date in terms of technological developments. The storage facilities are spread throughout Europe, so we can always think with you about where and how best to store your goods. 


Container transport of dry bulk goods

Our fleet of dry bulk trailers is used to transport bulk powders and granulates to our own silo storage facility. Your materials can be temporarily stored there. In addition, we can also package the materials for you. Bulk container transport of loose materials is also possible, of course. In fact, De Rijke Group has modern containers in a variety of sizes, designs and capacities. Just like ISO bulk containers. If you wish, we can equip the trailers and containers with live bottoms, special filters and installations to ensure that your material remains at the right temperature. 

What does container transport cost?

The cost of container transport Netherlands depends on several factors and requirements. Destination is an important factor. It is best to contact us to find out what your container transport from the Netherlands will cost. We can then discuss your wishes and needs, and based on that, we can tell you how much container transport Netherlands will cost. 

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Special container transport Netherlands

We are also happy to help you with special and specific requirements for container transport Netherlands. Upon request, we can also offer dedicated equipment. We can take work off your hands during specific projects for which you need people and permits. For example, by arranging a waste materials permit for you. But that's not all. You can also use our Value Added Logistics service for your container transport in the Netherlands. These include:

  • Sampling, (re)labelling, packing, placing products on pallets, scanning, gas testing and securing;
  • Transferring liquids from tankers, tank containers, drums or IBCs to other tankers or tank containers;
  • Heating of drums, delivery of packages and use of control towers;
  • Packing, repacking, bagging, weighing, conditioning, filling and then shrink-or film-wrapping the materials;
  • Filling of liquids, powders and granulates in different quantities and different forms of packaging. 
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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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