Container transport Rotterdam

Do you need container transport to or from Rotterdam? At De Rijke Group, we have multiple transport and storage options. Whether your freight needs to go to Antwerp or France; it's all possible. Indeed, the Transport business unit consists of various transport options, including container transport, FTL/LTL road transport for refrigerated and heated transport, bulk transport and special transport projects. 

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Container transport and storage options

Container transport to or from Rotterdam is daily business for De Rijke Group. As a result, we have many years of experience. Our extensive fleet of lorries transports shipping containers from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to clients in the Benelux countries, Germany and France. Transport from the Port of Rotterdam to the final destination is an important part of sea transport. This is done safely, effectively and as quickly as possible. Your wishes and needs are of great importance. You therefore plan your container transport from Rotterdam to its final destination with our specialists. Do you also need a storage place?

That's not a problem. In addition to container transport, you can also make use of our multifunctional storage facilities.

Transport of dry bulk

Do you have dry bulk to transport? That's also possible with the fleet of dry bulk trailers. This is used to transport bulk powders and granulates to De Rijke Group's silo storage facility. We can temporarily store the materials there and can package them for you. Bulk transportation of loose materials is also possible. For this, we have modern containers in various designs, capacities and sizes. Just like ISO bulk containers. If you wish, we can equip the trailers and containers with special filters, live bottoms and installations to keep the contents at the right temperature during transport. 

Costs of container transport Rotterdam

The cost of container transport Rotterdam depends on several factors, such as the destination and certain requirements. It is therefore best to contact our specialists. After discussing your wishes and needs, they can tell you exactly how much container transport Rotterdam will cost.

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Special container transport Rotterdam

Do you have special requirements for container transport? De Rijke Group can help you fulfill these needs. In fact, we offer dedicated equipment on request. We also provide the people and permits needed for specific projects, during a shutdown, for example, including waste materials permits. You can also use our Value Added Logistics services for your container transport from Rotterdam. Our Value Added Logistics services:

  • Packing, bagging, repacking, labelling, conditioning, filling, weighing and applying shrink and film wrap to products;
  • Filling of liquids, powders and granulates in different quantities and different forms of packaging;
  • Transferring liquids from tankers, tank containers, drums or IBCs to other tankers or tank containers;
  • Heating of drums, use of control towers and delivery of packages;
  • Sampling, (re)labelling, placing on pallets, packing, scanning, gas testing, marking and securing.
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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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