High speed filling lines

Since the establishment of De Rijke Group in 1945, we have been gaining experience in the field of logistics. This means that we are constantly up to date with the latest (technological) developments in the sector. By regularly adapting our services, machines and offerings, we ensure that our customers stay ahead of the market compared to the competition, for example through high speed filling lines. So, you can come to us for a wide range of logistics services. This includes supply chain solutions, transport, warehousing and value added logistics, global freight forwarding and we operate as a UK transport specialist.

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You will also find De Rijke Group spread throughout Europe, with as many as 26 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Italy, France and Spain. The area in which we operate does not stop there, however. We also work with various partners in countries all around the world in order to serve and support you in various logistics activities at all times. Are you curious about how we can help you with our high speed filling lines, for example? Please continue reading.

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Value Added Logistics (VAL): high speed filling lines and more

As part of offering warehousing, we as De Rijke Group also offer Value Added Logistics, abbreviated to VAL. The main goal here is to relieve you as a company and customer as much as possible. This allows you to focus on other, more important tasks. The high speed filling lines are just one example of the wide range of services we offer. We would therefore like to offer you a clear overview of De Rijke Group's other Value Added Logistics below:

  • Packaging of goods;
  • Repackaging of goods;
  • Bagging of goods;
  • Filling of goods, for example using the high speed filling lines;
  • Labelling of goods;
  • Weighing of goods;
  • Conditioning of goods;
  • Palletisation of goods;
  • Applying wrap and/or shrink wrap to your goods.
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High speed filling lines for liquids, powders and granulates

Thanks to years of knowledge of the transport and logistics sector, De Rijke Group has advanced and modern equipment at its disposal. One example is fully automated, high speed filling lines. These high speed filling lines can be used for filling liquids, for example, but also powders and granulates. The equipment can be used as you wish by adjusting the quantities and shapes/sizes of packaging. Products from the high speed filling lines can be packaged in drums, for example. These can even be safely stored in our warehouse. Drum heating is possible there and we are also able to prepare the drums or barrels for shipping. That includes taking care of transport and customs papers. More about our filling lines and drum storage can be found on our website, where you can also get in touch with our advisors. They would be happy to explain all the options to you. So, if you need professional support in the logistics process and/or the transportation of your goods, you are in professional and attentive hands with De Rijke Group.

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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst

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