Whether it concerns the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, geopolitical tensions or the regular oil price fluctuations: these are uncertain times for world trade. Due to the disruption this creates, the logistics sector is facing the challenge of continuously responding to fluctuating changes in demand. How can you ensure that stocks are kept up to date in order to be able to remain serving your markets? And how to remain able to react agile on these types of events, on a continuous basis?

Partly as a result of the tensions on the world stage, the need for production and trading companies to operate in an optimized, flexible manner is increasing by the day. Take the recent problems in the Suez Canal as an example. When one of the world's busiest shipping lanes is blocked for a number of days by a stranded container ship, it is automatically assumed that logistics service providers will come up with suitable solutions in order to restore the disrupted supply chains involved. All this to keep the customer's stock at the best possible levels and help safeguard their market position.

Operating flexibly with the help of warehousing

To a large extent, these potential stock depletion issues can be tackled by utilizing the capabilities of warehousing facilities in an optimum manner. If, for example, you have sufficient storage capacity available in the case of seasonal or campaign-oriented production, you gain in flexibility. 

Outsourced warehousing not only offers the customer more flexibility, but it is usually also the more cost-effective solution. For production companies and distributors, the various modes of storage often involves high costs. Moreover, warehousing usually does not form part of the core business of manufacturing companies, especially those active in the chemical industry. 

By utilizing the De Rijke Group's warehousing facilities, the customer can turn fixed costs such as transportation and warehousing costs into variable ones in stead. An additional advantage is that the many dynamic conditions that are required to provide professional, fully compliant warehousing services are automatically met. And you obviously no longer need to worry about obtaining and maintaining all applicable permits. 

Doing things smarter together

For service providers such as De Rijke Logistics, it is essential to be able to continuously respond to the demand in order to provide the best possible services to their customers. And to be able to do so by means of a set-up that fits their needs, at both peak and off-peak moments in times. By gathering complementary volumes and combining streams, warehousing usually offers the specific flexibility that a customer requires. Via our on-line portal, the Warehousing Management System at De Rijke Logistics provides clients access to a transparent, customized dashboard at all times. The performance data derived from ours sources, usually also forms a solid basis for the Continuous Improvement projects we run: doing things smarter together. This is obviously a two-way interaction, always leading to further improved, win-win situations.

De Rijke Logistics has more than 400,000 square meters of covered storage space at its disposal at various locations around Europe. Even during special circumstances, warehousing is your constant and stabilizing factor. Whatever happens: The aim is to provide optimized flexible solutions in order to see to it that the final recipient receives their goods in line with what has been as promised to them by our customers. That’s what we call Accelerating Value!

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Edward van Kasteel | Director Supply Chain Solutions

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