European Transport

It is possible that you are looking for a logistics partner to assist you with various aspects of the supply chain. Therefore, the De Rijke Group offers a diverse range of services and solutions to help you organize, among other things, European transport. Within the countries that are part of the European Union, the EU transport policy applies. The aim of this policy by the European Union is to ensure fast and safe logistics within a modern infrastructure network. Additionally, digital and especially sustainable logistic solutions play an increasingly important role within the EU transport policy. The De Rijke Group is knowledgeable about all regulations and laws within Europe and the various European countries. Furthermore, we adhere to the sustainable protocols enforced within the European Union. Are you curious about how we can assist you in arranging, organizing, or executing Europe transport? Then this article is written for you.

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Various Options for European Transport

Our Transport business unit specializes in organizing and executing road transport, among other things. Additionally, De Rijke is also a UK specialist and has years of experience in ferry transport through that route. De Rijke also offers possibilities for international FTL/LTL road transport, which can include heated, chilled, and frozen goods transport. Moreover, it is possible to engage De Rijke for European transport if you are looking for a logistics partner for container transport, bulk transport, special projects, or a combination of all the aforementioned transport forms. Below, we briefly describe what our transport forms entail:

  • Container Transport: De Rijke has various tractor fleets and deep-sea containers that provide transport options for customers wishing to deliver to the Benelux, Germany, and France.
  • Dry Bulk Transport: With our fleet consisting of dry bulk trailers, we are able to transport loose powders and/or granulates, particularly. This transport can be carried out to a European country, or we can bring the trailer with the products to our own silo storage. This silo storage can be used as a temporary storage place, but can also function as a packaging center for our customers' goods.
  • International FTL/LTL: The De Rijke Group is involved daily in organizing and executing Europe transport, both with LTL and FTL transport. We prioritize carrying out high-quality and reliable deliveries when it comes to European transport. If you are looking for a partner for European transport of ADR goods, dangerous goods, or products that need to be delivered conditioned or on a schedule, we always work with you to find a suitable solution.
  • Special Projects: In addition to European transport, we also offer transport for special projects. Our staff has a wide range of permits, allowing us to be engaged in shutdown projects, repackaging, labeling, or lifting of goods.

Benefits of a Logistics Partner for Europe transport

As you have read in this article, De Rijke offers you many benefits as a logistics partner for European transport. We would be happy to further explain our approach if you are interested. So, feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our services or vision.

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Written by:

Joël de Rijke | Business Analyst


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