The Transport business unit is specialised in four road transport modalities: general cargo, dry bulk, containers, and flexitanks. In addition, ferry transport – both with and without supervision – can be arranged. Groupage shipment is our final specialisation; it can be deployed for dry cargo as well as for heated, cooled and refrigerated transport.


We have advanced equipment in a variety of specifications, dimensions and cubic measures, including ISO bulk containers, for the bulk transport of solid substances. Upon the request of customers, trailers and containers can be fitted with special filters, agitator floors and installations to ensure the correct temperature of the cargo. Our fleet of dry bulk trailers is used, among other things, for the transport of bulk powders and granules to our own silo storage, where the products can be temporarily stored and/or packaged for our customers.


Our vast fleet of trailers is used to move deep-sea containers to and from sea ports and depots. Our modern fleet ensures the distribution of goods for clients to any destination in Europe, including the United Kingdom.


In addition to the transport of fluids in tank trailers and containers there is a third option: the flexitank. Flexitanks have been used for years for the transport of larger volumes of non-hazardous chemicals and foodstuffs. The tanks are fitted in carefully selected 20ft or 40ft sea containers or trailers and they constitute an economically interesting substitute for Isotanks or tank trailers. The ratio between purchasing price and filling grade is more favourable when compared with drums or IBC’s; handling costs are often reduced while the loading and unloading process is accelerated and made easier.

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